Thursday, October 22, 2009

for all questions on the site, please asked them in the comment section on this blog post. Due to the enormously high amount of spam on that site, I am no longer responding to the posts at (yes there is filter software I can set up but till I do ... )


  1. Hi Kyle,

    I just found your other blog - please find my question from
    (Here is link to my question - hxxp:!!

    I’m wondering if you still maintain that blog but I have a question about aveact.sql file linked above. In your script you are calculating waits using following formula (for both - online and historical)

    sum(decode(session_type,’BACKGROUND’,0,decode(session_state,’WAITING’,10,0))) waits

    but in results (linked above too) you have a strange values in wait column

    —————- —— ——- ———————- —- —–
    06-AUG 13:00:00 270 .33 - 2 29 59
    06-AUG 14:00:00 1040 2.24 ——–2— 341 1984
    06-AUG 15:00:00 623 6.67 ——2———- 438 3718
    06-AUG 16:00:00 1088 2.59 ——–2—- 335 2486

    How is it possible that sum is 59 when we use 10s as a basic value ?
    I assume it should be 1 for both - CPU and wait - and there is a bug inside that script.

    I’m wondering why you using 1’s for ash and 10’s for historical ash ?

    This is very useful tool - Thanks for that


  2. Good catch. Updated the script at
    The "10" decode value should have only been in there for the select off of dba_hist_active_sess_history which has 1/10 the samples as v$active_session_history.

  3. Hi Kyle,

    I mistype my email address when I register as on ASH Masters. Are you able to delete that registration so I can re-register with the correct email address?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. There's not much point in registering on as I'm get to much spam until I install a spam filter in the wordpress, then I will be ignoring postings to that site.